Invisible not I (2018)

As I search for images of women over fifty in both the visual arts and literature who may reflect my current experience, I realise that they are not to be found, or so rarely that they may not exist. Photography is a practice of looking and seeing, showing, revealing, but it may be that it is through absence that we see things more clearly.

Could being invisible provide a strategy for the construction of an identity no longer dependent on any gaze, other than that of the female self embarking on the ‘dangerous age’? (Greer 1991)

Untitled I-IV – 4 x 8”x10” digital prints on Hahnemuele Photo Rag

No Change Figs. 1-4 – set of 4 transparent plates, text and image. Acetate negative, contact printed positive on fibre based paper, found text

Untitled Installation –3 panels 150cmx60cm, clear acetate